Friday, September 22, 2023

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Techno released Spark Plugs Star

Phone Industry in Worldwide is developed, every day the company have to find different details/ feature to Develop and be motivating. Techno is among the company that has the idea of shopping on phone. Nowadays the company has announced to release new Phone called Spark Plugs Star.

Spark Plugs Star as the New phone which has been made by increasing the following feature


The technology of camera has developed by putting 6 camera in the phone,  4 of them are putting behind the phone and 2 are in front of the camera.  The size of a megapixel is also high, the person can use the camera if is far from the person you are. About self also camera has developed.

Security,  new technology is used in this phone, have different security features occur in this such as Fingerprint,  Voice, Eyer, Face lock and others also have new security which helps user if the phone has lost to get faster. This program connects but Google.


In this feature the company has putting put 10.0 android,  the good thing is that android can be updated automatically according to the new android occurring in time. So the phone has up-to-date every day.


Random Accessories Memory is also large is now 6 RAM in this new Phone, if you can get this you can enjoy because it’s faster and simple to use.


Internal memory also, it’s large the company has announced that it almost GB 64 up to 100 GB. This memory can help users to be free to download different things needed or put many materials for future uses also have External Memory Card for that new phone have put 8 GB.

Also, Techno has looked forward in business by promoting this in using local people in a different place in the World which can Motivate people to buy after product release in the Market.

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