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Qualitative approach applied because it enhanced the explanation of responds to brief the views on adult learning circles. Forced the use of descriptive analytical survey for its ability stockpile facts at the time concerned. Survey study employed the information could be collected at some point time from respondents responsible for adult learning in temeke such as head of school, ward education coordinator and learners.

  1. Population and study sample.

Study population refers to the total number of people or item that an investigator expects to get some information from and conclude the study. In this study the population were all learners in temeke municipality centre’s, all study learning supervisors that is head teachers, heads of secondary schools. Ward education coordinators. Study sample is the representative of the whole population. It was not easy to deal with the whole population a portion was used a sample of study. This was restricted by the time factor as well as financial factor as it is very concerned in conduction of any research. Figure bellow shows the sample used to get information in this study.

  1. Sampling techniques used.

Two sampling techniques were used in this study; simple random and purposive.

Simple random sampling means each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample. Kothari [2004]. Purposive sampling was used to select head of schools, adult facilitators ward adult education coordinators and learners.

  1. Two research instruments used

Interview:- Is a conversation with a purpose(Cohen 2000), The major advantage of interview according to Kothan(2004) is that can clarify questions on answers that are particularly important. Sacks  for correctness of the information.

Observation technique:- An observation checklist was prepared in order to guide the research to observe study circle facilitating and sitting plan of the learners what they are in the circle plan as in the following

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