Sunday, September 10, 2023

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POP Technology introduce new Travel in Apollo which Stated Early 2022

POP Technology is a small company started/established in 2015 In Tanzania. The aim to establish is to promote technology worldwide. The company now have almost 250 employment.

The company have used created technology by discovering different machine used by transport example the company have create Motorcycle, Bus and now have introducer new travel by using Apollo

Travel aims to research the atmosphere

Things which have needed to know is the below

  • Money spends

The company has spent a lot of money on this travel, it’s almost $360M, go and back also the time who live is almost one month.

  • One Month Live

The company has prepared to travel almost 28 days in travel. The research can be done on this day. Workers can participate to collect data about the atmosphere in the world.

  • 15 Workers Travel

The company have prepared to travel at least 15 workers from a company which can lead work to gain and learn different things from a different place in the world

  • Payment for Worker who Travels

Due to the transparency of the company, have to tell all workers about payment after a return. Have a lot of money which have to get after return

So, POP Technology has a lot of things needed to do for the company to Develop, some of them are to build skills of worker, confidence in the worker also to prepare the worker to be Strong.

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