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Maisha technology Develop new Device in Software in 2021

Maisha technology Develop new Device in Software in 2021

Learning and discussion of national policies involved in national target. It is just through adult learning study circles, people can understand the whole concept or motion of national policy of the government.

The nature of adult education is being  assessed through the following questions;  how do adults learn in their areas?  What are good conditions for effective adult education? Who are the educators and how the competence are they? What  considerations are guiding adult education  regarding the content of their lessons?

  1. Statement of the Problem

They have been complaints from various parts of our country, that there is an increasment of illiteracy(Inability to read, write and do simple arithmetic) among our people.

No clear attempt made to assess the situation of enrollment of the learner and check out the competence of adult education facilitators in adult centre especially in Temeke Municipality in Tanzania Mainland, It is this gape of knowledge which this in vestigation intended to find out the reality of the situation and put in using valid and relevant information. In particular the reported wanted to find the competence of the educators and coordinators of the adult education being appointed to the respective posts, examine the educating environment regarding to the characteristics of adult learners.

  1. General Purpose of the Study.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study was to investigate the need situation of adult learning study circle trend, competence of the educators and coordinators of the centre’s and wards in Temeke Municipality

  1. Specific Objectives
  2. To find out why illiteracy is growing so rapidly
  3. To assess the approaches applied in facilitating these study circles in Temeke District
  4. Research Questions
  5. Why illiteracy is growing so rapid in Temeke?
  6. How and What approaches are being employed in facilitating the study circle literacy’s in Temeke?
  7. Usefulness of the study Findings

The study is expected to provide true image of the real situation of the adult educators who are being appointed from the study education stakeholder as a whole. Furthermore the study findings will provide an insight to all adult education stakeholders on the major cause of poor success in running adult education centre, appointment of coordinators with no qualifications of the posts concerned.

  1. Definition of Terms Used.
  2. Adult Study circle:- Areas where adults assemble for their learning and discussions
  3. Illiteracy:- The situation or state of not being able to read, write and count(3Rs) in the context used
  • Competence/Qualification:- The ability of using something such as the comprtrnce of educators is the ability of educating adults in accordance with the features of adult learners in their learning and strategies to be followed.
  1. Area of study

Temeke Municipality in Dar es Salaam is the area where this study was carried out because it is an easily accessible area to be researcher, for he was doing class facilitation at Kibasila Primary School Centre. No studies have been done on assessment of this kind (adult learning study circles)

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