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The nature of class study centre’s in Temeke Municipality is being conducted by educators with different qualifications of course facilitators. they often teach what’s not needed by the learners. this can be because they don’t undergo learning needs Assessment. They facilitate what they feel themselves as important to show the learners, this implies that they don’t share with learners to arrange the educational curriculum. Through decision of the facilitators to show or to organize the curriculum on their own results in the learners to be pushed away as a results of increasing of illiteracy. Learners aren’t involved in preparation of learning curriculum and thus they’re taught irrelevant knowledge. they’re taught like children of formal education. For this case the content they learn isn’t problem solving together feature of education to be imparted to adult learners; it’s also not known to them and so not experienced to them in their real lives
Some of the community leaders misunderstand the important meaning of course of instruction, as they think class is simply the teaching and learning of 3Rs which suggests elementary knowledge of reading writing and doing simple arithmetic. this example also hinders the learners from joining different types of classes for solving their problems of day to day. But it should remember that course of instruction could be a subset of the national education policy as outlined in education for self reliance, which implies education must integrated with community life, it should prepare folks that are educated for the good thing about the community life, it should encourage the expansion of reliance aspects. The definition of course of instruction as defined by (Elimu Haina Mwisho, 1972 By Mwl. J.K. Nyerere) Say as “Learning about anything in any respect which may help us to know the environment we board and also the manner during which change and use of environment to boost ourselves” the stress during this definition is on learning for changes. There are not any limits on who can participate in course it’s therefore that everybody can make the most of some quite learning. Ministry of Education defined course of study during a paper prepared for the 1972 TOKYO course of study conference as “Widening the mental horizons of the people in order that they’ll exert greater control over their own future” Both Definitions imply change and purposes. So in other words course of instruction can defined because the knowledge acquired by the people around their environment for fitting their day to day needs of their living. course of instruction has three objectives namely as:
First, to escape ourselves from the life Tanzania people have lived for several years ago, Secondly, to find out the way to improve our lives, Thirdly, or Lastly to grasp our national policy or to make awareness of the governing policy.
Adult education will make people recognize themselves have the flexibility to get better life. It entails the consequence of the colonial education policies which disregarded people, it created problems among the people’s living and must be overcome. class is to impart(Transmit) Skills to everyone who can take pleasure in them. These are practical rural skills, producing more food, modern methods(Ways) of hygive, exercising practical activities like making furniture, cultivating different types of crops etc.

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