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How to Use SIS in School Management

SIS means that STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. Is the platform/ system dealing with the student information? In this, the government of Tanzania collects all necessary information which needs about students.

The following are the Features and Uses of SIS

Student Attendance, this feature deals with students attending on a particular day it collects if present or absent on the same day. The teacher can use this same class according to needed and can prove if students hereby call them your name.

Teacher Attendance, also in this particular deal with teacher attendance. Is like student attendance teacher also can put if PRESENT OR absent for that day.

In attendance have some features teacher can choose like Sick, Tick (Mgonjwa, Ruhusa)

Register, also, have a place where teachers can register students in the system. This place can help to add a new student who can join to start reading like Nassary or Standard one student

Class, in the SIS, have the categories deal with Class, in this place have shown all class like class one to seven (Darasa la I up to VII) every student can occur in a particular class.

Money (Financial), also have a place shows the Financial of the particular School, in this, can show all the Financial which have got from the government and the uses.

The report, also have a place which shows all general report of the system

Another is Backup data, in this platform can place help the user to backup all data and choose where to save either in the phone or memory.

App Update is like other have the place help the user to check whether the app is up to date or need to update

In General, SIS helps Government and Schools to control all information about the school on a particular day, so recommendation that the government thinks twice about many platforms to join and get one who can use for this time have a lot of them such as SIS, PReM, Madenimis, and others.

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