Monday, September 18, 2023

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Education Technology is Discovering Smart reading

Education technology is discovering smart reading: From the findings, it can be conducted that posts are being awarded to people irrelevantly. Therefore purpose and agent measures should be taken to train these centre supervisors, ward Adult Education coordinators and study circle Literacy facilitators to fit their posts. Through doing this the objectives of adult education programmes will be achieved properly.

Efficiency is highly demanded in every kind of enterprise to reach effectiveness and thus the predetermined objective


On the basic basis of the study findings described above, the following conclusion is made

  • illiteracy is growing rapidly in Temeke due to the employment of incompetence of adult educators who operate these programmes.
  • The facilitating of Adult Education has faced different kinds of problems such as lack of premiers, pencils, exercise book and motivation to the facilitators.


Based on the study findings and Conclusions the following recommendations are made:-

  • The institute of Adult Education needs to re-vice (Improve) the preparation of Adult Education educators as an organ responsible for the supervision of Adult Education in Tanzania for the best outcome
  • Satisfactory government budget should be allocated to this section to achieve the objective effectively
  • The government should make sure that there are enough facilities for the adult learning programmes.

The government should re-establish a library for adult learners.

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