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Earn Crypto Game Raises $2.4 Million Beating Expectations

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With over $2.44 million raised, Calvaria’s RIA token presale continues to exceed expectations. This milestone shows investors’ growing interest in the play-to-earn (P2E) game.

Calvaria: A New Dawn for blockchain Gaming
Even amid the bear market, blockchain gaming has been a resilient space. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is looking to become the market leader, and is shaping this space’s future with its innovative gameplay.

The game, which is currently under development, transports players to an afterlife-themed metaverse where they can purchase non fungible token (NFT) trade cards. These cards represent various characters and highlight their characteristics and traits. Players can buy different cards with distinct attributes that complement one another.

The goal of Calvaria is for players to develop a strong card deck and use it to battle with other players. Competing players can select the arena where they will compete for eRIA.

This simple gameplay makes Calvaria especially attractive. However, it is worth noting that playing the game is one of many ways to win. The game’s developers also organize competitions and community initiatives where players can win cash and other prizes.

Calvaria is creating a world where all players can participate regardless of location or device choice. Because of its blockchain foundation, the game ecosystem is accessible to everybody.

Calvaria has a free-to-play (F2P) mode in addition to its conventional P2E mode. The F2P mode is designed for card players who lack crypto expertise or do not wish to interact with blockchain-based assets. These users have the same experience and have access to advertising, scholarship possibilities, and physical goods and services.

P2E provides the same thing but with a twist. In the P2E mode, users are treated to various perks and benefits

Unlike other games that require users to purchase NFTs or special tools, players in Calvaria do not need to pay anything to get started. New players will be given free NFTs once they sign up.

Calvaria’s developers have confirmed that they will continue to explore new methods to expand their ecosystem. They intend to create comic books, AAA games, and an animated series. So, even though the game already has a unique selling point, there is massive potential for growth here.

RIA’s Impressive Use Cases
The game’s developers have launched the platform’s native token RIA. The digital asset powers all of the platform’s operations, allowing players to purchase and sell NFTs in Calvaria’s in-app marketplace and exchange them for the eRIA tokens that players receive when they win games.

RIA also has massive value as a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. Holders can stake it to earn more units, and staking RIA provides an opportunity for governance via its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO votes on all game upgrades going forward, and staking RIA allows players to have their say.

Finally, players looking to participate in Calvaria’s many off-game competitions can do so with RIA.

GET RIA On Presale Now
As stated earlier, RIA is now available on presale. Initially, the presale was planned for ten stages, but the developers recently cut it to five to maximize value for holders and get started on game development more quickly.

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