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Book who Read in 2021

In 2021 years have a lot of books publication. Among them are dealing with politics, economics, society, culture, and so on. Also, different write can use different languages in writing for example Some can use the English language other Swahili languages in Tanzania.

The following are the Books and summary of the writers of the book

  1. Mpita Njia, is a drama book that deals with action with the detective Kazi. The story deals with young brother namely Msafiri who is travels From Nachingwea – Lindi to Dar es Salam after visiting Dar es Salaam have a lot of things That occur which lead life to being difficult. So, I use a lot of methods in order to solve situations. I recommended finding and Buy this Book – I enjoy the story.
  2. Kivuli Kinaishi, Is the book, story is about a person who is fight against culture in the society. Kuvuli Kinaishi is poem book, it uses this style in order to show the society different character who as different ideal in some culture. The actor of the book, can use simple language (Swahili) because the people who inspire to gain the knowledge is people who live in Swahili land.
  3. Kaptula la Maksi, is like comedian book is face look, but the author of this can use knowledge to educate people in different things. Among of things discussed in book is about Culture which as not google for society. The society have uses culture to discrime the women in different things such as in Participation. so, sum time the actor has do comedian in this because of enjoyment.
  4. Hekalu Limechafuka, is a story of some society who have local believe about the development of science and technology. The story deals the people from Europe who can get airplane accident and can cause the airplane to trop down for Emergence in the village. In some village have a lot of believed about this situation. After air dropdown the Villager can site in the meeting and discussed this. All ideas which discuss have deal with culture.
  5. Kijiji Chetu Is the drama story, deal village who live in UJAMAA. The village it believes that in order to success must people doing work Together example KILIMO CHA UJAMAA. But in this book the author can show the Society the challenge occurs also bad leadership in the village. Also, by using Actor example KIZITO show have people who have not doing work.

NB I recommendation that in order to enjoy this some book you should find and Buy

You can Read More About Book by Click Here: Welcome.

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