Monday, September 18, 2023

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5 Things to Know about SEO

SEO means that Search Engine Optimization, deals with ranking the website into an upgrade. some time SEO gives the site Organic traffic from a different gives place. have a lot of things which needed to know about SEO.

  1. SEO help blog or Publisher to advertise the Site which drives, sometimes SEO ranks the site which helps people to visit them and read the story. for this point, I recommended that every blog or owner of the site use SEO.
  2. 2. Traffic, also SEO can organize and collect traffic from different place

SEO its motivate people come into the site and read the content in this i can say good article also can let to be Motivate people. so by setting Well SEO it can cause people to came into the site.

Many blogger have not knowledge about SEO, which cause to get ads limit every time, so in order to be knowledgeable must ready and understand well SEO by doing this can enjoy and gets more money according.

Also have DA means Domain Authority, this can led people to get more traffic in site which can lead to get more money by using your site. So, in order to success should setting all SEO and DA in your site.

According to other blog can say that about SEO and DA

Juma Blog “After setting DA in the site every day can get at most $30, so this is good because have not using more time to advertise my site”

Kasomi ” Among the thngs can enjoy to use is SEO in my site, This can help to Rank my site which can cause to get more many”

Generally, SEO and DA is the best things needed to use for all blogger in order to Success in Site

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