Monday, September 18, 2023

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5 points are already excellently optimized

Congratulations! The website meets all criteria in this category and is already optimized for success.

  • Your website is optimized for mobile devices


Your website can be used easily by visitors on mobile devices.

  • Favicon available


Your website uses a Favorites icon. This ensures that your website makes a good impression as a bookmark and in browser tabs.

  • Touch icon available


Your website uses a logo, this ensures that your website makes a good impression as a bookmark and in browser tabs.

  • Ideal domain length


Your domain has the ideal length with 12 characters. the domains are easier for visitors to search and remember, so it’s simple


Your visitors see your page title in the browser tab, also making it easier to find the page under the saved bookmarks.

Also, the following are 3 points that are already excellently optimized

  1. Sitemap available


A sitemap.xml file was found. This means that subpages of search engines are optimally taken into consideration.

  1. SSL encrypted


Your website already uses SSL encryption, which means all incoming and outgoing data transferred on your website is encrypted.

  1. Proper heading structure used

The idea of heading structure of the website is smooth

All headings on the site are nested in the correct order and no images are used as headings.

Below are 3 tips for optimization which needed to improve

  • The page title is too short

Your selected page title does not have the ideal length of 37 words. A page title that is too short is not descriptive enough to be effectively ranked in search results.

  • The page in the web description is too short that causing the reader does not to read well

The description of your website is too short with 15 words.

  • Your home page has a small amount of content with 318 words

Your home page has too little content with only 318 words. Providing more content will encourage more visits, so your home page should contain at least 500 words.

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